(archives of memoranda/AO for the UPD Community from Chancellor Emerlinda Roman from 1 January 2000 to 2004)

CERR Memo 04-001 Submission of applications for the President's Awards for Innovation in Teaching
CERR Memo 04-003 Interim MOOE Budget for 2004 and Other Budget Matters
CERR Memo 04-004 Deadline for Filing for Various Licensure Examinations in the Regional Offices
CERR Memo 04-005 Conferment of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, upon Dr. Onofre D. Corpuz
CERR Memo 04-006 Election Ban per COMELEC Resolution No. 6420 as promulgated on 25 November 2003
CERR Memo 04-008 Search for UP Alumni Awardees 2004
CERR Memo 04-010 UP Diliman Month 2004
CERR Memo 04-011 Ford Foundation Policies
CERR Memo 04-013 Establishment of position of Assistant Chairperson
CERR Memo 04-015 Unliquidated Cash Advances
CERR Memo 04-016 Upgrading of UP Diliman Website
CERR Memo 04-017 Revised Faculty Manual
CERR Memo 04-020 Public Lecture on Macapagal-Arroyo Presidency and Administration
CERR Memo 04-021 Linggo ng Parangal 2004
CERR Memo 04-022 Report of President Francisco Nemenzo to the UP Community on the fate of the UP Charter
CERR Memo 04-023 Report UP Diliman Official Academic Costume
CERR Memo 04-028 Guidelines on Professorial Chairs and Faculty Grants
CERR Memo 04-032 Use of DocuTrak Service
CERR Memo 04-035 Guidelines on Professorial Chairs and Faculty Grants
CERR Memo 04-036 Clarification on Credit Load Multiplier for Graduate Classes
CERR Memo 04-040 Suspension of submission of certificate of good moral character by applicants in various licensure examinations
CERR Memo 04-042 Memorandum Order No. 126 dated December 15, 2003 from the Office of the President of the Philippines
CERR Memo 04-043 Earth Day 2004 Celebration
CERR Memo 04-045 Issuance from the Professional Regulation Commission
CERR Memo 04-049 Nomination for Professorial Chair Awards and Faculty Grant Awards
CERR Memo 04-050 Appointment to the Grievance Committee Membership Pool
CERR Memo 04-055 Acknowledgement of Professorial Chair Donors
CERR Memo 04-056 Faculty and Staff Housing Project
CERR Memo 04-058 Working Within Overload Honoraria Budget
CERR Memo 04-059 Faculty and Staff on AWOL
CERR Memo 04-060 Application for retirement/resignation/transfer
CERR Memo 04-061 Reminder on the Observance of Flexible Working Hours
CERR Memo 04-062 Online Submission of Grades
CERR Memo 04-065 Extension of leave privileges of personnel who are extended in the service beyond compulsory retirement age
CERR Memo 04-066 Revision of rules on full and partial load reduction for faculty on study load
CERR Memo 04-069 National Geographic Interactive Features
CERR Memo 04-073 Requirements for the various licensure examinations
CERR Memo 04-077 UPCAT 2004 on August 7 and 8, 2004
CERR Memo 04-079 Policy on Lateral Entry Rank for Faculty members with Ph.D.
CERR Memo 04-080 Guidelines for Extension of Regular Full-Time Faculty Appointment Beyond Retirement Age
CERR Memo 04-081 Revised Deployment of Blue Guards
CERR Memo 04-086 Institutional Projects Requiring the Chancellor as Signatory
CERR Memo 04-088 Reiteration of the 10 working days limit for processing of travels requiring Malacanang approval
CERR Memo 04-091 Austerity Measures
CERR Memo 04-094 President Arroyo's AO No 103 Directing th Continued Adoption of Austerity Measures in Government
CERR Memo 04-095 Distribution of the following Manuals: A. Shaping our Institutional Future B. In Support of a Culture of Scholarship and Excellence
CERR Memo 04-096 Faculty and Staff Medical Insurance
CERR Memo 04-097 Public Forum on the UP Presidency
CERR Memo 04-098
CERR Memo 04-099 Call for Nominations for the Ika 10 Gawad Chanselor
CERR Memo 04-100 Increase in honorarium for Undergraduate Thesis Advising
CERR Memo 04-101 UPD Online Presence
CERR Memo 04-103 Payment of PTA Fees
CERR Memo 04-104 Request for Information on Faculty Resignations
CERR Memo 04-106 Memoranda issued by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as follows:
CERR Memo 04-108 Operationalizing the Tri-College Ph.D. Philippine Studies Program
CERR Memo 04-109 Non-monetary Renumeration of Overtime Services Rendered
CERR Memo 04-111 Service Record Update
CERR Memo 04-113 Celebration of the National Human Rights Week
CERR Memo 04-132 Search for UP Alumni Awardees 2005
CERR Memo 04-385 Guidelines for Naming Buildings, Structures, Streets, Parks, and other Places in the University

CERR Memo 03-166 Creation of UP Diliman Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (UPD OASH)
CERR Memo 03-164 Discussion Paper on Training and Mentoring: New Challenges, New Opportunities for U.P.
CERR Memo 03-163 CSC Memorandum Circular No. 35 on the Implementation of the Publication of Service
Guides and the Posting of Workflow Charts CERR Memo 03-162 Amendment to Package of Incentives for Faculty Administrators

CERR Memo 03-109 1. CHED Memorandum Circular No. 2003-10 re Requiring Applicants in Licensure Examinations to Submit Certification/Testimonial of Good Moral Characters; and
2. CHED Resolution No. 003-143 re Guidelines in the release of Data and Information in the Performance of Schools, College and Universities and List of Examinees in the various Licensure Examinations

CERR Memo 03-105 Suspension of the Grant of Clothing Allowance in connection with Foreign Trips
CERR Memo 03-103 1. Revised Rules on Study Privileges 2. Revised Rules on Partial Study Load Reductions
CERR Memo 03-101 Official Work Schedule
CERR Memo 03-100 Authority to Drive Government Vehicles
CERR Memo 03-097 Revision of Privileges of Faculty on Study Leave
CERR Memo 03-092 Car Stickers
CERR Memo 03-083 Unauthorized Collections
CERR Memo 03-077 Limitations on Honoraria Payments
CERR Memo 03-073 Matrix of Regulations on Contractual Employment in the University
CERR Memo 03-072 The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (RA 9165)
CERR Memo 03-071 Photocopying of Books
CERR Memo 03-069 Absolute Deadline for Submission of Names for Graduating Students
CERR Memo 03-068 Teaching Associates (TA)/ Teaching Fellows (TF)
CERR Memo 03-068 Check Replacement Fee
CERR Memo 03-067 Issuance of Alien Employee Permit
CERR Memo 03-059 Seminar- Workshop on the Implemenatation of CWTS in NCR
CERR Memo 03-058 Utilities Management Team
CERR Memo 03-056 Guidelines on the management of cases specifically on diagnosed chemical inhalation and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
CERR Memo 03-053 Policy on Campus/College Journal Publications
CERR Memo 03-052 Important Matters Concerning the Commencement Exercises
CERR Memo 03-049 Amendment of Policy on Leave Without Pay
CERR Memo 03-047 Security Measures for Quezon Hall
CERR Memo 03-036 Internal Rules and Procedures Governing Teaching Outside UP
CERR Memo 03-029 Survey of Software Use and Needs
CERR Memo 03-020 Survey of Software Use and Needs
CERR Memo 03-018 Compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy for IT Resources (AUP) for UP Diliman
CERR Memo 03-017 UP Diliman Month 2003
CERR Memo 03-010 Posting of UPD Research Works in the Research Archives Services of the UP Alumni Association
CERR Memo 03-007 Nominees for Faculty Regent
CERR Memo 03-005 Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE)
CERR Memo 03-004 Conferment of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, upon His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah
 Mu'izzadin Waddaulah

CERR Memo 03-001 Faculty Information System Update


CERR Memo 03-140 Guidelines Para sa Nominasyon sa Gawad Tsanselor, Pinakamahusay na Guro sa Filipino
CERR Memo 03-139 Call for Nominations for the Gawad Chanselor (Additional Guidelines)
CERR Memo 03-138 Suspension of Nomination for Faculty Regent
CERR Memo 03-134 Nominees for Faculty Regent (1)
CERR Memo 03-111 Celebration of the National Human Rights Week
CERR Memo 02-095 Bayan Ko after 9/11
CERR Memo 02-093 Concepcion Dadufalza Award for Distinguished Achievement
CERR Memo 02-090 Preparation of a UPD Master Catalogue of Resource Generation Activities

CERR Memo 02-089 Clarification on the Number of Days of Special Leave Privileges
CERR Memo 02-085 Special Reunion dubbed "Reliving September 16, 1991"
CERR Memo 02-083 General Assembly and Election of Officers of All UP Workers
Union, UPD Chapter

CERR Memo 02-077 Sun Star Office 6 Productivity Suite
CERR Memo 02-076 Forum on the Refereeing Process (in Journal Publication)
CERR Memo 02-075 Presentation of the Philippine Human Development Report 2002

CERR Memo 02-067 Conferment of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, upon Dr. Craig Barrett
CERR Memo 02-066 Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE)
CERR Memo 02-065 Amendment of Guidelines on Local Fellowship under the U.P.
  Modernization Project - Doctoral Studies Fund

CERR Memo 02-063 Proposed Time Requirement for Record-Keeping of Grades

CERR Memo 02-062 3rd UP-Hannam University Interaction Conference

CERR Memo 02-060 Minimum Requirements for Graduate Admission in UP Diliman
CERR Memo 02-059 Updating of the Resource Generation Database
CERR Memo 02-056 UPCAT 2003 on Aug. 3 and 4, 2002

CERR Memo 02-057 Appointment of Faculty to Regular Academic Administrative Positions
CERR Memo 02-055 Bayan, Isang Paa na Lamang
CERR Memo 02-033 PFN's letter to PGMA regarding the University's position on the GSIS Act of 1997

CERR Memo 02-033 UP 94th Foundation Day
CERR Memo 02-04 Report on the 1st System Workshop on the RGEP

CERR Memo 02-046 Search for the next UP Diliman Chancellor
CERR Memo 02-043 COA Memorandum dated April 12, 2002
CERR Memo 02-041 Extension of deadline for Search of UP Alumni Awardees 2002
CERR Memo 02-040 BOR approval of Policy Matters

CERR Memo 02-038 Proclamation No. 164 of PGMA Issued on March 13, 2002 (Holy Week Break)
CERR Memo 02-033 USC and CSC Elections
CERR Memo 02-032 Importance of Dates on Communications sent to Quezon Hall
CERR Memo 02-029 Consultation in the OVCRD and UP Diliman IPR Guidelines
CERR Memo 02-020 Linggo ng Parangal Celebration

CERR Memo 02-016 Search for UP Alumi Awardees
CERR Memo 02-015 Feb 2, 2002 as Special Non-Working Holiday
CERR Memo 02-014 Student's Congress
CERR Memo 02-013 Diliman Month 2002

CERR Memo 02-008 2002 UP Diliman Junior Faculty Congress
CERR Memo 02-005 Curriculum/Checklist Review

CERR Memo 02-003 Revised Schedule of Final Examinations, Second Semester 2001-2002
CERR Memo 02-002 Institution, Revision, and Qualification of GE Courses
CERR Memo 02-001A Alternative Classroom Learning Experience


CERR Memo 01-179 University Convocation
CERR Memo 01-168 2nd Round of Nominations for Res and Creative Works
CERR Memo 01-156 Dismissal of Classes
CERR Memo 01-155 Diamond Jubilee Universities Lecture Series
CERR Memo 01-144 Submission of Research Activities
CERR Memo 01-136 Payment of Overload Honoraria
CERR Memo 01-133 Official Communications to External Bodies
CERR Memo 01-132 Special Non-Working Holidays
CERR Memo 01-126 Field Trips of Students
CERR Memo 01- 123 Proposed Guideline Governing IPR
CERR Memo 01-108 Faculty Profile
CERR Memo 01-106 President's Award for Innovation in Teaching
CERR Memo 01-104 Drug Test
CERR Memo 01-102 Consultation in the Revitalized GE Program
CERR Memo 01-086 Clarificatory return service guidelines
CERR Memo 01-085 UPCAT 2002
CERR Memo 01-170 Washington Sycip Confernment
CERR Memo 01-169 Exclusive Authority to Enter into Contracts
CERR Memo 01-165 Celebration of 93rd Foundation Day
CERR Memo 01-164 Freshman Welcome Assembly
CERR Memo 01-060 Confernment of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, upon Dr. Washington Sycip
CERR Memo 01-054 Graduate Tuition
CERR Memo 01-033 Guidelines on Joining Professional Organizations
CERR Memo 01-031 Prohibitions Against Employment of Relatives
CERR Memo 01-026 Teaching Load/Overload of UP Officials
CERR Memo 01-024 Gawad Chanselor 2001
CERR Memo 01-017 Kapistahang Asyano 2001
CERR Memo 01-009 UPD Month 2001
CERR Memo 01-008 Alternative Classroom Learning Experience


CERR Memo 00-182 Excuse slip

CERR Memo 00-175 Merit Promotions 2000
CERR Memo 00-174 Hotline for absentee and tardy faculty
CERR Memo 00 -173 Waste Management Scheme
CERR Memo 00-169 PFN's Memo 116 Responding to Crisis

CERR Memo 00-133 Meeting with faculty regent

CERR Memo 00-131 Prohibition to conduct review classes

CERR Memo 00-127 Sablay as Academic Costume
CERR Memo 00-120 Alternative Classroom Learning Experience
CERR Memo 00-115 Inclusion of Updated Bio-data for Tenure of Faculty
CERR Memo 00-114 Teaching in Other Universities
CERR Memo 00-113 Panawagan para sa tamang Pagtatapon ng Basura
CERR Memo 00-110 Addtl Security Measures for UPCAT 2001
CERR Memo 00-109 UPD Environmental Policy Statement
CERR Memo 00-102 UPCAT 2001

CERR Memo 00-078 Legislative Measures Relating to U.P.
CERR Memo 00-077 Freshman Welcome Assembly
CERR Memo 00-068 Schedule of University Activities
CERR Memo 00-061 Attendance University Council Meetings
CERR Memo 00-059 Commencement Exercises 2000
CERR Memo 00-058 Revised Implementing Guide for Creative and Res Grants
CERR Memo 00-057 2000 Summer Vacation Calendar
CERR Memo 00-056 New Guidelines on Foreign Travel
CERR Memo 00-043 President Nemenzo's Investiture
CERR Memo 00-039 Convocation on Campus Violence
CERR Memo 00-038 Suporta2- Kawani
CERR Memo 00-037 Suporta1- Guro
CERR Memo 00-035 Convocation on Budget Cut
CERR Memo 00-034 Kapistahang Asyano
CERR Memo 00-033 Fitness Trail
CERR Memo 00-029 UPDIO to manage UPD Website
CERR Memo 00-028 Clothing allowance for foreign travel
CERR Memo 00-026 USC-ACLE
CERR Memo 00-025 Strit Indakan
CERR Memo 00-022 UPD Month
CERR Memo 00-013 Hosting International Conference
CERR Memo 00-012 Investiture Week Schedule
CERR Memo 00-010 Surety Agreement
CERR Memo 00-006 Budget Cuts Guidelines
CERR Memo 00-004 Extended Library Services
CERR Memo 00-001 UP in the Millenium

CERR AO No. 02-035 Delegation of powers concerning the demolition of illegal structures and the eviction of squatters in the Diliman Campus and related powers
CERR AO No. 01-04 Housing Reimbursement for Transferee Residents
CERR AO No. 00-45 Transfer of Supervision over Private Security Guards